Life Skills Room

Life Skills Room--Turning can'ts into cans and dreams into plans.
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The Lifeskills Project provides a safe haven where youth are able to learn and develop tools for optimal health by strengthening their asset shield.
The Lifeskills Project is a part of Reality Check Inc., an ADE Approved Professional Development and SRA certified program provider.

Our staff works with over 150 high-risk students, many who are in danger of making negative life choices often because of their environment or simply because they lack basic life-skills. Our staff and trusted volunteers work one-on-one with youth to provide training; teaching skills ranging from as simple as sewing on a button to as complex as developing a product and starting their own business.
In addition to teaching students basic life-skills, our staff teach other valuable life lessons. For instance by taking what one person calls trash and turning it into treasure, students learn that negative circumstances don't have to shape their future or dictate their worth.
At the Lifeskills Project, our primary goal is for teens to understand their value and make choices to empower them to achieve optimal health.
Search Institute has identified 40 developmental assets as essential building blocks for healthy development - these are known as Developmental Assets. Reality Check helps young people strengthen their asset shield enabling them to grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.
Healthy, caring, and responsible students produce good citizens which build healthy and stronger communities. We'd love to meet you as we continue partnering with other community organizations and individuals to make optimal health a reality for high-risk teens.
     "Turning can'ts into can's & dreams into plans."
"The lifeskills room has helped me in many ways. First by being creative. This is something I knew I was but never had the time or material to be creative. In this room, I've enjoyed making scarves, fixing old stuff--from home-making keychains and also gift boxes.
I never have time to do my own things and for the past months I've done more than anything over time. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers and donators. This really made me feel good because I can let all my stress out while doing crafts. I really enjoy this room even now after the bazaar."  - Jessica S.

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